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Developer’s Choice is a construction management and general contracting firm in Las Vegas qualified to handle a variety of projects.  Over the past 35 years, Developer’s Choice has managed both residential and commercial projects. With our commitment to timely completion, efficient budgeting, and client satisfaction, we are the right choice for your next project.


The Facilities Inspection Program tracks the progress of Clark County Building Department's onsite inspections... continue reading.

Our construction management services include coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction... 

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We provide a multitude of services, including estimating and design studies, safety program reviews, design, engineering, and consulting team selection, budgeting and planning... continue reading.


“DCI is nearing completion on our latest FIP project. The estimated time for this project was 24 months, however their streamlined tracking system allowed us to complete it in less than 15 months. We not only saved down time of the hotel facilities, labor and materials, but a 40% savings in cost was verified through our internal audit."


Developer’s Choice Inc. sponsors a Motorcross racing team: DCI Racing.  Our team currenty has three riders:  Johnny Harbauer, Matt Canepa and Mason DeCunzo. View our latest videos on YouTube.


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Nevada General Contractors Specializing in Facilitiy Inspection Program,
Construction Management, General Contracting and MMA Surfaces & Coatings


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