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Clark County Building Department Inspection Tracking Program


The Facilities Inspection Program (FIP) was created out of the necessity to track the progress of the CCBD onsite inspections for the Venetian Resort & Hotel.  Because of the overwhelming success the DCI Tracking Program has been adopted by CCBD.  Drawing from our experience in construction management and document control, our team developed a system that can save the Hotel in their capital improvement funds.  DCI efforts reduced the time that would normally be required for outside contracted repairs, labor and material and reduced costs associated with the potential fines. 


Below are some of the areas that this program addresses:


  • Track and clear all Notices, Inspections, As-Builts, Permits, Drawings, Facility Inspection Program (FIP) and Annual Facilities Permit (AFP)

  • Set up and track all daily FIP Inspection punch list, item tracking by trade and work complete cross reference to notices, keeping track of work complete and when the notice is ready for inspection and cleared

  • Document Control: All projects that are permitted are tracked from inception to completion (FIP related or not)

  • Request and track as-builts and compile information to go to Architect/Engineer

  • Accumulates cost for special projects

  • Track all invoices, cost of FIP and reports to accounting

  • Schedules and attends all meetings associated with FIP Program, in house and outside vendors

  • Responsible for training new hires in the FIP program


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